Thanks for your support in 2018

We thought we’d take a moment before we take a summer break to thank you for your support and interest in our work in 2018.

It’s been a really interesting journey since our official launch by Liana Buchanan, Commissioner for Children and Young People at the University of Melbourne in July. At the launch, she told us that it was a ‘critical time for collaboration among those committed to humane and genuinely effective approaches to offending by young people’.

Since then, we’ve been collaborating with other youth focused groups to work together to create a collective impact as we work towards better outcomes for justice-involved young people.

In October, our network co-hosted an event ‘Voices for Justice: Stories for Change: Learnings from First Nations and communities of Colour. It showcased an important report by the Koorie Youth Council: Ngaga-dji (‘hear me’) and connected young leaders.

Following on, our network became a proud supporter of the #WorthaSecondChance campaign which is fixing youth justice in Victoria.

We co-hosted an Emerging Practitioners Forum with the WorthaSecondChance, the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

For our reflections on this year and what we hope to work towards over the next four years, listen to our interview on Mad Village.

mad village

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