How to host your own screening of ‘In My Blood It Runs’ next year + education resources

This week, our network supported a special screening of the film, ‘In My Blood It Runs‘ for teachers and educators.  Organised by our co-convenor Dr Sophie Rudolph, it was followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Dr Melitta Hogarth, Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Panelists included Naomi Oakley, Banok Rind and Rachel Edwardson.

We thought you might like to know that from March next year, there’s the opportunity for your network to host a private or public screening of the film for your friends, workplace or community. This will start a conversation about the issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children like Dujuan and includes fund raising opportunities as well.

More details here.

‘In My Blood It Runs’ is also publishing education resources for teachers  to make sure schools are safe learning spaces for all students and expand the knowledge and understanding about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and worldviews.

in my blood it runs.jpg
 Rachel Edwardson, Banok Rind and Naomi Oakley in conversation.

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