The future of Youth Justice: Collaborating for change with lessons from the Netherlands

This week we co-hosted a Youth Justice research workshop with the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. It was part of the series of events for 2020 and follows on from our launch of the Local Time Design Guide.: a new model for youth justice facilities that are ‘small-scale, integrated in the local community, therapeutic and capable of differentiated security’.

The workshop took the form of a small roundtable symposium involving Government and practitioner partners across the justice and legal sector, who provided important input and gauged appetite for – and canvassed potential barriers to – implementation of small-scale, community-based, therapeutic youth justice facilities in Victoria.

workshop photo
Workshop facilitators Diana Johns and Fleur Sourverein with Sanne Oostermeijer.

Our workshop presenter was University of Melbourne visiting scholar, Fleur Souverein. Fleur’s work has involved evaluating small-scale, community-based youth custodial pilot facilities in the Netherlands. You can read more about this here.

Invited workshop participants provided general feedback through informal discussion which was recorded in a visual format by our graphic recorder Debbie Wood.

The workshop provided an opportunity to gather ‘on-the-ground’ views and perspectives of key decision-makers, stakeholders and practitioners in Victoria about the Dutch model.

It was also an important first step for our network in leading the on-going conversation and action plan for introducing these kinds of youth justice facilities to Victoria.

JYP_Network_Live sketch
Our visual record of our workshop by Debbie Wood

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