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Media coverage of our co-hosted event ‘Voices for Justice on 25 October 2018

‘Unity’ is our greatest weapon: Indigenous and South Sudanese youth SBS World News, 26 October 2018.

Australia’s oldest culture and some of the newest Australians share experiences 

SBS World News Radio 26 October 2018.

Media contact

Media organisations requesting comment on youth justice issues should contact Dr Diana Johns, Co-convenor of the Justice-involved Young People (JYP) network.


Recent media – Diana Johns, Co-Director of the Justice-involved Young People (JYP) network

Why police in schools won’t reduce youth crime in Victoria The Conversation (2018)

Youth advocates challenge need for Victorian anti-association law ABC PM (2018)

‘We can’t lock young people up’: Victoria warned on tough youth justice measures Guardian Australia (2017)

Youth Justice: The power to be positive Informa (2017)

Apex Gang: Behind the Headlines  first aired on SBS TV in late 2017 and is available here via YouTube under Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

Apex Gang – Behind the Headlines seeks to look beyond the media hype at a community under intense scrutiny. Working closely with the South Sudanese community, this documentary goes to the heart of what it takes to make a multicultural society and gives pause to those who have forged a view of migrant communities based on stereotypes by separating myth from reality.